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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An appeal to KLites - Help Keep Our City Clean and Beautiful

A few days ago I was walking from Benteng to Dayabumi through the Central Market area.  I choose to use what I thought would be the more scenic view, the walk-way along the river.  While the authorities (DBKL) seem to have spent quite a bit in beautifying the place, maintenance is another thing.  I think we all share a responsibility to keep KL clean and beautiful.


mizzyN said...

yes definitely. maintenance is what the authorities often look past.

Shaik Dawood said...

Yes MizzyN,
the authorities are one thing, but if each one of us does our own individual part, think how much cleaner and more beautiful KL might be.

Melor said...

i agree shaik. we shud do our part,together we unite,the better we get. the authorities, as we all know is limited,n the enforcement is light.
Most Malaysian got really less civic awareness.
p/s: do recycle & use less plastic (everyday make it less and less)!