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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I won! Hurray???

illustration from: http://www.how-to-build-a-website.co.uk/internet-scam-check.html
I don't normally take part in contests.  Even when it involves skills, there is always an element of chance or luck, if you want to call it that, especially with the large number of participants these contests attract.
Recently however, I did take part in a contest.  As 'luck' would have it, although I didn't win any big prizes, I did qualify for a consolation prize.
But guess what?  To collect my winnings I would have to commit to spending up to RM3,000 over a 12 month period.
Sounds to me like the 'Scratch & Win' scam we hear complaints about.  What do you think?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jalan Ampang - Tun Razak junction to Sultan Ismail junction 4

Across the road from Hotel Maya is Zouk, a popular night spot.  Of course it sometimes gets publicity for the wrong reasons.
The Malaysia Tourism Centre is along Jalan Ampang.  I knew this as the Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

I was quite sad when they renamed this building complex as 'Matic', especially when Parliamentary sessions were held here before our Parliament Building was constructed.  Although this part of the complex's history is mentioned in their official website, it seems to be down-played for the most part.

The following are some of the photos I took at Matic.
 Traxx FM (our tourist radio station) is here.
 This rink is used for top spinning...
 ...note the many holes on the rink floor.
I like the modified 'hurricane' lamp.  In the original, one needs to fill the bottom container with kerosene, light the lamp and pump it to allow flow to the bulb shaped wick.  It provided a glow much like the florescent lights of today.
The Concorde Hotel has its own entrance to the complex.
Being a tourist destination, arrivals here are by the bus-loads.
The Renaissance Hotel marks the junction with Sultan Ismail.
As I turned towards the Concorde, I caught this skink slithering away.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jalan Ampang - Tun Razak junction to Sultan Ismail junction 3

Next to the Public Bank building is this restaurant. 
Jalan Saloma, quite near Jalan P. Ramlee.  The late Saloma, singer / actress was the wife of P. Ramlee.

Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr. P. Ramlee, PSM, AMN, DA (Sarawak) (22 March 1929–29 May 1973) born Teuku Zakaria bin Teuku Nyak Puteh, was a Malaysian film actor, director, singer, and songwriter. Due to his contributions to the movie and music industry and his literary work, he is often considered the icon of Malay entertainment in Malaysia, Singapore, and Sumatra (especially in Aceh due to his ancestry).
~ wikipedia.org
Next to the restaurant is Wisma Selangor Dredging.  The company may have started off in the tin industry, but is now diversified with focus on properties.
Among others, the building houses the Moroccan embassy and the British Council.
 Across the road, next to Bangunan Angkasaraya, is the Bank Simpanan Nasional (National Savings Bank) Head Office.  BSN is the successor to the then POSB, Post Office Savings Bank.

When I was in primary school, we used to be given cards with 20 spaces.  Attach stamps of 5 cents or 10 cents denominations depending on the card and when all the spaces are completed, take it to the post office and open a savings account with the M$1.00 or M$2.00 accumulated.  The passbooks were much larger than the ones we have now and all transactions were completed manually by the postal clerk and stamped with the official stamp.

If you are wondering why I'm using M$ and cents, this was before the days when currency was issued by Bank Negara Malaysia.
Next to the Selangor Dredging building is this open space...
... a Muslim cemetery.
 P. Ramlee and Saloma (Puan Sri Salma Ismail) are among the people buried here.
As I was leaving the cemetery, I saw this interesting looking stairway.... 
....It was on the side of Hotel Maya.
Next door is the Lai Meng School, a premier Chinese school.
A large tract of land comes next.  It is a car park.  An old residence still stands there, although it's better looking days are long gone.
I was surprised that vandals had not made away with this old ceiling fan.
Then comes the Pakistani High Commission.

still to be continued....