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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jalan Ampang - Tun Razak junction to Sultan Ismail junction 4

Across the road from Hotel Maya is Zouk, a popular night spot.  Of course it sometimes gets publicity for the wrong reasons.
The Malaysia Tourism Centre is along Jalan Ampang.  I knew this as the Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

I was quite sad when they renamed this building complex as 'Matic', especially when Parliamentary sessions were held here before our Parliament Building was constructed.  Although this part of the complex's history is mentioned in their official website, it seems to be down-played for the most part.

The following are some of the photos I took at Matic.
 Traxx FM (our tourist radio station) is here.
 This rink is used for top spinning...
 ...note the many holes on the rink floor.
I like the modified 'hurricane' lamp.  In the original, one needs to fill the bottom container with kerosene, light the lamp and pump it to allow flow to the bulb shaped wick.  It provided a glow much like the florescent lights of today.
The Concorde Hotel has its own entrance to the complex.
Being a tourist destination, arrivals here are by the bus-loads.
The Renaissance Hotel marks the junction with Sultan Ismail.
As I turned towards the Concorde, I caught this skink slithering away.

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nice pics & coverage