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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pesta Chow Kit Kita (part 3 - last part)

They came from all over.
A visitor checking out the leaflet that was distributed.

Local artistes were on hand to lend support to the event.

The highlight was the unveiling of the Chow Kit map mural by the VIP guests...
... who were non other than the young participants themselves.
One of the activities was the walk-about tour of the area with small skits being performed by the participants.
A short briefing to those who registered for the walk-about.
One of the stops was Jalan Chagar, where I grew up.
A game of marbles anyone?
One of the children playing badminton with a racket made of cardboard.  Guess who he was portraying...
... ME!  (The banner says, "Rubbi as Uncle Shaik.")
Every of the children performing had an adult 'side-kick' as a safety precaution.
In addition to those on took the tour, passes-by also stopped by to watch the performances.
Each of the performances was based on an actual person in the Chow Kit area...
... and it was carried out as close as possible to where event took place.
The two street painters at the graffiti wall.

The local arts community lending support to the event.  Sorry that I'm not able to identify them.  (My age shows, doesn't it?)
The facilitators being recognized.  Kudos for their untiring efforts working with the children. 
One for the album, the children and the volunteers that day pose for a group photo.
Three cheers for a job well done.

I'm so looking forward to Phase 2.

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