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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sogo Onwards

The Pernas Sogo Complex

Across from Pertama Complex is Sogo, which can be considered an up-market department store cum shopping complex in Jalan TAR.

Before this complex was built, this was the site of one of KL's earliest low-cost housing flats, Sulaiman Court. On top one of the flats was a neon advertisement for a brand of watches - Mido. That's why some know it as the Mido Flats.

This now abandoned corner restaurant was known as Odeon Cafe.

With it's large glass windows, it was considered an exclusive hangout during it's heyday. This was one of the few places where you could enjoy a meal or a drink and watch KL go by.

This is what was once the famous Globe Silk Store.

Globe started in Jalan TAR in the late 1940's. At that time it is said to have already established itself in Segamat, Johore. It was well known for it's quality clothing at cheap prices. It could be said that your festival shopping was not complete if you had not visited Globe.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it was forced to close in about 2005.

This Bata outlet has been at this location at least from the 1960's.

With their tag line 'First to Bata, then to School' most of my generation would have gone to school in Bata shoes. Mine always used to be their Badminton Master.

As Bata outlets are all over the country, I used to think that it was a local establishment.

The company was founded in 1894 in what is now the Czech Republic by Tomáš Baťa (pron. toh-mahsh bah-tyah) whose family had been cobblers for generations. A large order from the army during World War I turned the small manufacturing concern into a modern industrial mass producer of shoes.
The company is currently headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 2007, according to Bata, the company served 1 million customers per day, employed over 40,000 people, operated 4,600 retail stores, managed a retail presence in over 50 countries and had 40 production facilities across 26 countries.
(source: wikipedia)

Another old shoe establishment along Jalan TAR. Beside it is the Kowloon Hotel that's been here for at least as long as Central Shoes.

If Bata was where I got my school shoes, it was to Central for Hari Raya.

For school books and exam reference guide, go to Minerva's.

If you don't find it there, there's always Mukmin's right across the road.

These book stores are later additions to Jalan TAR. In the 1960's I used to get my books from Pustaka Antara, Merican's, Jubliee's and a host of smaller bookshops, most of which went out of business when the Government started standardizing school text books, and also started book loan and other schemes.

GS Gill, agents for Adidas and other sports goods have been operating here for as long as I can remember.

Of course it's gone from the original pre-war shophouse to this multi-story Wisma Harwant.

The Coliseum Theater.

Recently there was some bickering when the Ministry of Culture wanted to take over this building and turn it into a Museum or something. I think that the fact that this is the only cinema in KL still screening films should be of historical significance and a tourist attraction in itself.

There's always a 'SALE' going on somewhere along Jalan TAR.

This is where the once famous Emporium Selangor outlet used to be.

This is also where thee first Burger King's outlet was, before they packed up and left the country. Of course they have made a very succesful comeback.

Sharafali's, well known as the place where you can shop for your winter clothing.

Just imagine, winter clothing in Tropical Malaysia???

Only the facade is left of PH Hendry, Royal Jewellers at the end of Jalan TAR.

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Adhansstuff said...

the facade has sadly been demolished.