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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Penang - Pearl of the Orient (3) : Masjid, Surau and other Muslim Institutions

With a large Indian Muslim population in Penang, it is no wonder that there are many masjid in Georgetown. I was staying at Hotel Malaysia at the end of Penang Road, and the following shots were taken within walking distance of the hotel.

The famous Masjid Kapitan Keling built by Indian Muslim merchants during the 19th century.

Kapitans were appointed chiefs or headmen of the various ethnic communities during the colonial period beginning with the Portuguese. While there are many well known Kapitan Cina, I have only managed to come across one name of a Kapitan Keling, Cauder Mohideen, and even then there isn't much information about him that is readily available.

Another view of the masjid.

One of the minarets of the masjid.

Yet another view of the masjid.

Masjid close to the hotel where I performed my Friday congregational prayers (Jumma').
A Muslim association in Penang.

A Muslim Sports Club's surau and religious school (madrasah).

The Penang Muslim League, maybe dating from the period of the Muslim League of Indian Independence.

Another Muslim society in Penang.
The Penang Islamic Museum, possibly a state institution.

The Acheh Street Masjid.

This masjid built by the Achenese in the 19th century.

This and the following 3 masjid are in the Komtar area.

This is not a masjid but a mausoleum, as can be seen from the board below.

As far as I am aware, there are no 'Saints' in Islam. The Tamil word that is translated as saint is 'Hadarath', a word of Arabic origin that would literally mean 'the presence'.

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