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Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Kampong Baru - Kuala Lumpur

Contrast the high rise in the background to the wooden dwelling in the fore.

Like I mentioned earlier, food stalls and restaurants are plentiful here.

Like many places in KL, signs are only for decoration purposes.

A worker crushing ice which will be supplied to the many eateries in the area.

Many of the older houses have trees surrounding them, keeping them cool during the day.

They also have ornate gates.

The 'town house' concept, with separate entrances for the different floors are nothing new here.
Another 'town house' style dwelling.

I wonder what will come up here.

Some dwellings have stalls operating in the the front, thereby spoiling their beauty.

While others are well maintained.

I took this because of the twin towers and KL tower in the background.

Another popular 'tom yam' (Thai food) stall.

One of the specialist hospitals found in Kg Baru.

The famous Kg Baru masjid.

The masjid also plays 'host' to a banking kiosk.

This and the following are some different views of the masjid.

This wooden section of the masjid is still used. It, however, is not visible from the main entrance.

This alternative medicine practitioner has moved to Jalan Raja Laut.

A spiral stairway leads to the different floors.

Another traditional house.

An old multi unit dwelling.

A wooden house, holding out with all the newer buildings around it.

Talk of being green...

A decrepit old house with a new high rise in the background.

This tailor advertises that he makes haj clothes. I wonder how much expetise it requires to make 2 pieces of un-sewn fabric, which is what men are required to wear on the haj.

Selamat Jalan (Safe journey or goodbye) says the sign on the arch as we leave Kampung Baru.

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Antares said...

This blog has a friendly, welcoming feel to it. Glad your facebook message led me here! I'll bookmark it and dip in from time to time. You've been to mine? :-)