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Monday, May 10, 2010

Bukit Lagong

Some time in April I received an email from my friend Karamjit inviting me to the opening of his Nursery / Landscape business located in Bukit Lagong.  Now, I had no idea where Bukit Lagong is.

Fortunately, there was a sketch map attached.  When I showed the map to Agip, he said that it's only about 10 minutes out of KL.
So on May 1st, I decided to visit Karamjit.

One of the first things you notice when you turn off after the Gombak Police HQ is the massive development taking place there.
 After that  there are some cool places for a picnic or family outing.
It's not Ulu Yam or Magic River but...
... public amenities have been provided by the local authorities...

 ... including a Youth Training Centre.
There is also a surau (Muslim Prayer Room) here courtesy of the religious authorities (JAKIM). 
If you were thinking that the Orang Asal (I prefer this term) are some scantily clad, aboriginal people, think again.
   The Greenhands Nursery is at the end of the road, next to a rabbit farm.
The nursery is a typical nursery, but Karamjit has plans for expension.  Being a friend of the 'boss' I did get a tour of the facility.
The nursery has its own water supply and is stored in tanks located on higher ground.
 They burn their own soil, used in planting of potted plants.
The grass turf that they sell is cheap, as they grow their own.
There is also a little stream running trough the facility, if you just feel like chilling out away from the crowded place further down stream.  I'm sure Karamjit would love to have you as his guests.
There are also plenty of colorful butterflies and dragon-flies.

With their tag-line "Nurturing Nature", Greenhands is definitely worth a visit.  Do buy some plants while enjoying the fresh air so close to town.

1 comment:

karamjit said...

Hi Shaik,

I could not have done any better. You, my friend are an excellent guide and have an excellant eye for detail and are able to tell it like it is.

You sure are going places. Sorry I do not comment everytime I VISIT places with you on your facebook.

Have camera will travel eh!