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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jaleel's at Selangor Mansion (Masjid India area)

Ramadhan Mubarakh (Wishing you a Blessed Ramadhan).

Maybe Ramadhan is not the most ideal time to talk about a restaurant that I recently visited, but I haven't been posting anything for a while, so what better subject to resume posting then with food ;-)

I was in the Masjid India area with a cousin of mine, with the intention to stock up on my supplies for Ramadhan.  As it was nearing lunch time, my cousin suggested that we have authentic 'Mamak' (Indian Muslim) food as we were in the right area.  He even suggested the place.
If you are at the Masjid, the building next to it is the Malayan Mansion.  The similar looking building across and slightly away from Malayan Mansion is the Selangor Mansion.
Find your way to the lifts or staircase.  You do need to be a little bit brave, but then if you are a connoisseur of street food this should not pose a problem.
The restaurant is on the first floor.
 It's relatively clean and tidy inside.
 It's owned and managed by the cook.  I've somehow managed to forget his name.
The spread isn't that varied.  You have a choice of briyani, ghee or plain white rice.  There's also the choice of chicken, fish or mutton curry, and some fried fish and chicken.  Of course, in typical 'mamak' fashion, the vegetables are over-done.  

There are also daily specials like quails (burung puyu), duck or venison (daging rusa).  I had tripe (perut) curry that day.
They have flavored anise (jintan manis) and Supari or scented betel-nut (pinang) as breath fresheners at the cashier's counter.  
The restaurant is opened from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. daily serving lunch and dinner.  I however forgot to check their opening hours during Ramadhan.

I must say that the food was good (it tasted more 'home cooked', not the 'commercial' taste of many 'nasi kandar' restaurants) and the price was reasonable.

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