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Friday, August 13, 2010

KL KrashPad

In early August, I received this email:

Saudara Shaik,
I came across your Shaik's KL blog while researching on the history of Kuala Lumpur online. 
My name is Fahmi Reza. I'm an independent documentary filmmaker. In 2007 I made a short historical documentary called 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka.
Right now I'm working on a community mapping project at a new youth centre in Chow Kit called KL Krashpad, working with Chow Kit teens to map out their community and also do an oral history of the people in Chow Kit.
You mentioned on your blog that you lived in the area on Broadrick Road until 1973. I'm wondering if it's possible to meet up with you to borak-borak and hear stories of your experience growing up in the area.
My phone number is 019-------. Do let me know whether you're free to meet up anytime this week.
Fahmi Reza

A 'filmmaker' reading my blog, of course I was excited, and I made an appointment to meet up for the borak-borak session.
So what is KL Krash Pad? (A Google search came out with more than 5,000 results.) It is a collaboration between the Federal Territories Welfare Department and Yayasan Salam Malaysia to provide an activity centre with a safe, healthy and loving environment (sort of a 'safe house') for children in Kuala Lumpur, specially in the Chow Kit area. 
The welfare department is under the preview of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development..
 ..while Yayasan Salam Malaysia, according to their website, is about promoting the spirit of volunteerism among Malaysians.
It operates from a rented shop-house along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, right opposite Yaseen's the popular nasi kandar restaurant.
It is sponsored by a number of corporate entities which includes Sime Darby and HSBC Bank.

By the way, the community mapping project is called Chow Kit Kita.
 logo courtesy of Fahmi Reza 

I did follow Fahmi and the children on their first walk-about last Saturday (7AUG10) and I must admit that I probably learned more being with the children than they did from being with me.  (I'll save that for other postings)

While you are here, do check out Fahmi's documentary 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka on Youtube.  I found it enlightening.

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mizzyN said...

wau, that's exciting to be in touch with a film maker. good luck to him and u.