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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hungry Ghost Festival 1

As a kid growing up in KL, the only thing I remember about the Hungry Ghost festival is the Chinese Opera that used to be held at the temple at Lorong Tiong Nam 5.  Of course I never understood what was going on, but which kid can resist playing with other kids at night, and without supervision at that.

Later it was the food offerings on display along Jalan Pahang, notably the whole roast pigs with a fruit stuffed in the mouth.  After moving to Setapak Gardens in the 1970's, it meant a few days of being stuck in a jam every August/September - the bus being the regular means of transport and the traffic was not as busy as what it is now-a-days.
Recently, the celebrations have been brought very close to where I live and after resisting for a few days, I decided to pay the site a visit last Wednesday (August 25) night. (Also the fact that I had sent my camera to be serviced and only got it back on Wednesday.)
The first thing that greeted me was the smouldering giant joss sticks...
...which would have started off looking like this.
The main activities for the day were over (I was there at 11.00 p.m.) but there were plenty of food offerings along the sides of the tent.   
However, the roast pigs were nowhere in sight.  

I found out that, that night was a Buddhist celebration, which goes to prove how much of an 'ignoramus' I am when it comes to understanding the culture, beliefs and traditions of my fellow Malaysians
There were various alters dedicated to the different aspects of the Buddha.

This must be the main alter...
... based on the stool for kneeling found here.
There were also other offerings besides food...
... and these looked like they were meant for infants.
There was also this mansion complete with a male servant.
 There were also these 'posters' hanging on the wall in Chinese and English.
This is a sample of what was on the posters.  I suppose you get the picture, so behave.

Tomorrow is going to be the Taoist ceremony.


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