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Thursday, September 30, 2010

KL KrashPad - Chow Kit Kita (Part 5)

Continuing our walkabout with the "KrashPad Kids".
We now come to Jalan Chow Kit proper, the road/street after which this whole area is known by.
While the buildings along the road are multi storied buildings and the area has a ethnic Chinese character (now days the area looks like it belongs to foreigners - Indonesians and Africans amongst others) this was once a Malay area. 
This is the only house left from that era.

Jalan Chow Kit is named after Loke Chow Kit, a famous tin mine owner and industrialist in KL.
Photo from Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall 
He also had what is probably the first departmental store owned by a local businessman, Chow Kit & Co.
Photo from: MALAYSIA a pictorial history 1400-2004 by Wendy Khadijah Moore
The building now houses the Industrial Courts.  Chow Kit's one time residence is now the PAM (Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia) building near Jalan Tangsi.

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