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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jalan Raja Chulan 2

An old bungalow still survives (except that it may not be a residence anymore) when all around are high-rise.

This piece of land seems to be clear of undergrowth. Is some building being planned here?

You can enter the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve from here.

There used to be a cable car service which would take you above the forest. It's a long while since its been discontinued.

The St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

The Bursa KL (KL Stock Exchange) building.

Telecoms Malaysia (now TM)'s building. It used to be the head office before they moved to the Pantai area.

Another TM building.

The telecommunications museum.

Another TM building. This and the earlier building probably contains the 'exchange' equipment.

One of the office blocks in the area.

The pigeons were on some sort of mating ritual.

There is a large pigeon population between the Masjid India and the Court Hill Temple areas. Some people belief that feeding these birds add to their merits in this life.

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