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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jalan Bukit Bintang... shopping, shopping and more...

A taxi driver once told me that the area is called Bukit Bintang (literally star hill) due to the many cabaret stars who resided here during the heydays of the BB Cabaret. I'm not sure if that is true, but this is still a popular shopping destination, especially with the many shopping complexes or malls here.

Let's begin at the junction of Jalan Bukit Bintang with Jalan Pudu. This was the location of 2, then famous, cinemas - Cathay and Pavilion. Both have since been demolished and in its place is this car park.

On the other side is an old hotel the Emerald. Bormas, that popular photocopy centre we saw in Jalan Ipoh has an outlet here.

Across the road (Jalan Pudu) on an elevated level stands the Kuala Lumpur police contingent head quarters.

Further along Jalan Pudu is the (in)famous Pudu prison known locally as the Pudu Jail. At one time it boasted on having the world's longest wall mural.

There are a number of budget hotels along this short stretch.

They are brightly painted with eye-catching bill boards.

In addition to some motor repair and accessories shops there is also this business from a bygone era.

I do wonder who their clients are.

There are all types of business operating along this street. Here we see a mini market.

The Royal Bintang, may be considered a new comer in the hotel business.

The green building at the end of the road is the Sun Complex. Some colorful stories are often told with regards to the ongoings at this place.

Here you have 2 convenience store chains operating outlets side by side.

The circular construction on top was probably the first revolving restaurant in Kuala Lumpur or maybe Malaysia.

The Federal Hotel, which boasts the revolving restaurant, was the first luxury hotel built to house the international guests who came for Malaya's independence day celebrations.

As is typical anywhere in this country, food is never a problem. Organic food is also available here.

This seems to be a new franchise restaurant chain.

Another old hotel along this street...

... the Malaysia Hotel.

This was the place of numerous massage parlors that offered more than just a massage. These days, however, they have become more respectable, at least that's what I can deduce from the sign boards.

I thought that this was a man wielding an axe. When I later saw it un-wrapped, it was a 'teh-tarik' man.

With the influx of tourists from the Middle-East, its no wonder that many restaurants serving Middle-Eastern food has sprung up in the area.


tansrimat said...

Seronok membaca posting tuan. Tuan ini orang lama kat KL? Boleh kongsi cerita-cerita sejarah kalau ada? zaman-zaman 70-an di KL dgn pembaca-pembaca Blog4FT. Biar mereka lebih sayang dan bangga sikit dan bukan asyik nak merosak saja. Bukan semua lah mcam tu.

Saya hanya sempat buat satu entry je setakat ini di sini. Marilah undi sekali!

Sogou said...

I have been away from Malaysia for nearly 10 years and only making two short trips back in between. These images of KL brings back good memories. This page is my favorite as I spent a lot of my 'youthful' days in Sg Wang, Lot 10 and Bukit Bintang! Thanks for the memories, Shaik!