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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jalan Pasar - get your pets here

From Jalan Pudu we enter Jalan Pasar.
One of the first buildings along Jalan Pasar is this one. 

In one of the comments to my earlier posts, the writer requested that I refrain from showing run-down buildings as it portrays KL in a bad light.  To me, rather then those white washed or freshly painted buildings, these are the buildings that exude character and show KL as a real living city with real living people.
The building actually houses a restaurant.
Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners are here as in other places of Jalan Pudu.
There is a temple here.
I was surprised that there was a stall selling flower garlands next to the temple.
This is the market area.  I'm not sure if this is a daily affair or only on the week-ends.  It looks like a regular morning market, but has many stalls selling pets and pet supplies.
I was intrigued by this sign, especially the 'casualty' part.  Unfortunately the place was closed.
Due to the market, the traffic was slow moving and parking can be a problem.  I was walking, so no problem for me.


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