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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jalan Pudu - Still there...

In addition to food outlets i.e. restaurants and stalls, there are also a number of budget hotels along the street.
This must have been a higher quality hotel but seems to be abandoned now.
There are also many clinics along this stretch.  Most streets have maybe 2 or 3 clinics, here the number is 2 to 3 times that.
There's even a free clinic here.
This clinic displays the 1Malaysia logo.  I wonder if there is a doctor there or is it manned only by an attendant and a nurse like the government 1Malaysia clinics.
I also noticed 2 medical labs here.
A Chinese Kongsi is also here.
This is one establishment that I want to check out on a week day.
When I think of barbers I'm mostly thinking Indian, but here's a Chinese barber...
...next door to an Indian one.
There's an old cake shop / bakery ...
... and a poor man's banker - a pawn shop; with a clinic next door.
This 'run-down' building houses a culinary institute, or so says the sign...
... and it also hides a match making agency.
Not to forget, there are also a number of used car dealers here.
As we reach the Pudu Fire and Rescue Department, we'll turn into Jalan Pasar.


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