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Friday, December 4, 2009

Alvin & Kitty - The arrival

We received a phone call to say that the couple and entourage had left the bride's residence.

Everyone got ready to welcome them.

Most important - the Ang Pows (packets with money) are ready.

There comes the car.  It really is a noisy affair.  All the cars in the convoy honking to let the whole neighborhood know that a wedding was in progress.  No need for kompangs (hand held drums) I guess.

The couple had arrived.
While the couple were arriving, the Wees were getting the alters ready (lighting the candles and joss sticks) for the ceremony.
 The rest of the arrivals had to wait until everything was just ready.

An occasion like this must be recorded for posterity....
.... including me the 'self-appointed' photographer.
Now that everything is set, the couple can be let out of the 'wedding carriage'.
Ang Pows were the order of the day.

Finally, the couple were 'home'.

Next, we will be attending the ceremony honoring the gods and ancestors.


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