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Monday, December 7, 2009

Alvin & Kitty - The Tea Ceremony

We now come to the Tea Ceremony.  This ceremony, I think, is the Chinese equivalent to the Muslim nikah.
It starts with the couple offering tea to the groom's parents.  During this ceremony, it is important for the persons to whom the tea is being offered to be recognised by their proper Chinese title.  The title for 'father-in-law' sounded, to me at least, like how I pronounce 'bean curd' in Chinese, so I shall not attempt to repeat it here.

 Of course - Ang Pows are the order of the day.
 Mrs Wee also presented her daughter-in-law with a necklace.  Here Jacy is helping Kitty put it on.

Its then the turn of all the clan elders to be served tea.  Each take their turn in order of seniority.

Then it is Alvin and Kitty's turn to receive tea from the younger members of the clan.

Now Kitty has officially been 'inducted' into the Wee clan.

What's next, if not Malaysia's favorite pass-time.

Apart from myself, I only saw Reza Ali (my si-fu in photography) who would require food to be halal.  Yet the Wee's had catered halal food, minus beef, so that any visitor will not have to be left out of the feast.  (Vegetarians were catered for separately.)

Politicians talk, but people like the Wee's walk 1Malaysia.

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