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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Malay-Muslim Wedding in Kuala Lumpur 2

The ceremony begins with the wedding sermon (kutbah nikah) read by the official.

The kutbah is followed by the akad or ijab-kabul (akin to the offer and acceptance in a contract) with the Juru Nikah deputizing as the Wali (guardian) of the bride.  The witnesses need to confirm that the validity of the ijab-kabul.

A doa (prayer) is said on the completion of the solemnization.
This is followed by the groom pronouncing the talak ta'alik (conditional divorce).  
This is a Malaysian regulation brought about due to irresponsible husbands.  As generally, divorce in Islam is the prerogative of the husband, this allows the Kadi (Islamic Jurist) to invoke the divorce in the event the husband leaves the wife for a period of 4 months without providing for her whatsoever.  Of course there are differences in opinion as to the validity of such conditional divorce.  

In this modern world of ours, all contracts need to be in writing to aid enforceability, and marriage contracts are no exception.

Presenting the mas-khawin (dowry) is a condition of a valid nikah (marriage).

Compared with a Chinese or a Hindu wedding, the Malay-Muslim wedding is a simple affair.

As the solemnization is over, its time for a group photo with the rest of the family.



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