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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

People, people, people at the KLCC Park area

While leaving the KLCC Masjid, I saw these ladies also leaving the masjid.  

This was my inspiration to just shoot my camera while walking back to Suria KLCC and see the people that I could capture along the way.  I'm just posting the photos here without comments.  If your photo is here and for some reason you don't think its proper, just leave me a comment and I'll remove it.  Comments are moderated, so no one will know that you have requested a particular photo be removed.



M said...

Ahh people watching is always interesting. I used to go there very early in the morning and just observe how the city 'wakes up'.

azieazah said...

Salam kenal..

Tiada saya di situ.. sbb jarang pi KLCC.. Tapi I perasan, U jumpa wanita yang sama 2x (bertudung pink, baju bunga yang sedang posing dgn anak2 dia nak bergambar kat bunga..)

Meriah kan Malaysia ni? Pelbagai bangsa dan agama, warna kulit. Berjalan tenang damai tak rasa risau pun...