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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bukit Tabur, Kampong Klang Gates

A few weeks ago, I attended a photo walk organized by Nikon.  There I met Eugene, a fellow photo enthusiast.

I have always heard of some hill in the Klang Gates Dam area, more so since the fatal accident involving some doctors from Ampang, but I have never been there nor do I know it's location.  So when Eugene suggested that we hike up there and catch the sunrise, I accepted.

Last Saturday morning I met Eugene and another friend, Mike, at the MRR2 junction with Jalan Genting Kelang, and proceeded though Taman Melawati to the Klang Gates Dam entrance.
There were already a number of vehicles parked there, which meant other hikers had already started their hike up the hill.
The original entrance to the trail has been eroded, and in it's place is a gully. 
I was expecting a highly commercialized spot, being so close to the city, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was not so.  
Some laminated warning notices have been placed there by well wishers to remind hikers to be careful and to keep the area clean.
I couldn't help noticing the absence of plastic, paper and Styrofoam rubbish which usually is associated with many of the 'nature' trails that I've been to.
Although the area would come under the Ampang Jaya Municipality, I could not see it being maintained by them.
My theory is that hikers are a special breed of Malaysians who know how to take care of their environment, like keeping it clean, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature.
Hikers come in all shapes, sizes and ages.
Don't miss the opportunity of capturing some photos of yourself in the environment...
... and if you're hiking when the sun is already up, don't forget your sun-block.
Eugene and Mike checking the outcome of their shot.

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