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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Klang Gates Dam Recreational Park

When going mountain hiking or jungle trekking, a good pair of hiking/trekking shoes is very important.  I choose to wear a pair, which I have not used in years, for my hike up Bukit Tabur.  As you can guess, the sole decided to divorce itself from the rest of the shoe.  Fortunately for me this only happened when I had descended from the hill.  Before I walked to my car to change into my spare shoes, I noticed this sign.
A recreation park so close to home! Let me check out the place.  So after changing my shoes and with Eugene and Mike in tow, I entered what is the Klang Gates Recreation Park.
First we had to descend a long flight of stairs which has not been cleared in days.
At the foot of the stairs, we are greeted by a wide field with 2 make-shift goal posts, probably erected by the local boys.  The grass had been recently cut, but not completely, we can see the at the far end.
Another signboard greeted us as we got closer to the stream.
The place is unkempt and rubbish is disposed of irresponsibly -  a vast difference going up Bukit Tabur and going down to the Recreation Park.
A group of youth had gathered there to cool off on that hot afternoon.
Looking at the moss and lichen that colored the waters, I was wondering if the boys would be successful in their quest.
Just then another group of cyclists passed by that area.
They stopped to pose for me.
He had already crossed the stream, but he too wanted to be photographed.
Then they made their way across one by one.

And I was wondering if the boys would have their intention of cooling off fulfilled.  I needn't have wondered.
When kids wanna have fun, they'll make their own.  What do they care if it is safe or hygienic.

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