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Thursday, October 21, 2010


The other day, some of my colleagues gave me a lunch treat.  As I do like lamb, they decided that middle eastern fare would be the best option.
So we headed for Hadramawt in Chulan Square.  The restaurant claims to be the first Yemeni restaurant in Malaysia.
Hadramawt (or Hadramaut) refers to the region at the south of the Arabian peninsular including Yemen.
There are pictures of Yemen on the wall.
There is ample dining area on the ground level...

...but they also have dining upstairs...
... including an open area where smoking is allowed.
This was not our first time here, and knowing the size of the portions they serve in relation to our appetites, we were economical in our orders.
The food and ambiance are excellent.  You can log on here to find out more.
The place is cozy enough for two, but if you want to savor the variety on offer, do get a big enough group to dine there.

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