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Friday, June 5, 2009

Kuala Lumpur - Saturday morning, still from atop the HopOn-HopOff

One takes his 40 winks while another has his brunch oblivious to passers by, like this gentleman walking by.

Workers doing some landscaping works on the hill while others are waiting for transport below, each seemingly unaware of the other.

Now... where's the driver...?

The Pudu Raya / Kota Raya area is always full of people.

Talk of independence... notice this man's RAPID bus ticket hanging around his neck.

Petaling Street on a Saturday morning... imagine how it will be in the late evening...

A Lady Traffic Officer... just leaving the Jalan Bandar Police Station.

A key smith near the Klang Bus Stand.

Might as well keep up with the news while waiting for the lunch hour rush.

Looks like this guy is selling lucky number forecast next to the TOTO outlet...

... while his neighbour is busy mending shoes.

Something was going on here but I could not see anything.

Parking attendants waiting for customers.

Corner or Central Market - people weaving in and out of traffic.

These lasses appear to be waiting for the bus...

... while one has had a breakdown nearby.

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titigantong said...

best nyer amik gambar....