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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walking a Triangle - Jalan Tun Razak

As we turn the corner, there'll be lorries of various types and sizes parked there.

In the mornings, there'll also be many rugged looking men, some young and others not so young, waiting or just loitering around there. This is one of the places in KL where you can rent a lorry and hire odd job workers, for any heavy moving planned.

A motorcycle sales and repair shop.

Balancing this bread vendor's loaded bike is an art in itself.

Lush green grass and yams along the river.

The river may be polluted, but it seems to provide lots of nourishment for these plants.

The now deserted low cost housing project dating from the mid 1960's.

This was probably the first pre-fabricated buildings in the city. I vaguely remember the cubical units being raised up to be stacked.

I've been to one of these 2-room units and can tell you that were actually very small. Each room is only the size of a queen-sized bed. (In the 1960's sleeping on mats was still common.) 4 queen-sized beds is the size of the whole unit consisting of 2 rooms, a living area, kitchen/dining and bath/toilet.

The owners and tenants have moved to make way for development.

The buildings are deserted and whatever was salvageable have been vandalized. That includes door and window frames.

Collecting empty drink cans.

It's possible to elk out a living in the city if one is not so choosy.

A view of the Pekeliling Bus Terminal. One of the main terminals to get to Kuantan and other towns in Pahang.

A little closer view of the terminal.

The motorcycle parking bays are as good a place as any for socializing.

The site of one of the buildings that have been demolished.

The undergrowth shows that the demolition took place quite a while back.

The monorail track along the road.

The driver waved at me walking with my camera, so I took his picture.

This started as a community centre for Muslim residents ('Balai Islam') and later became a Friday Masjid.

The community centre for non-Muslim residents. I've usually seen funerals and wakes being held here.

This Siamese Buddhist temple has been here a long time lending it's name to the village that was nearby - Kampong Siam.

This is the first time I'm visiting this temple.

One of the shrines in the temple compound.

The main temple.

I couldn't help but notice the Chinese figurines besides the Buddha.

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