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Monday, June 22, 2009

Penang - Pearl of the Orient (1)

There has been recent reports of traditional businesses moving away from the heritage site of Georgetown due the effects of the repeal of the Rent Control Act.

So I thought that this would be a good time for me to share photos that I took during my trip to Penang in April 2009. This was the time I was trying to justify to myself the need for me to invest in a DSLR camera.

While it is not KL, walking about in Penang reminds me of KL of the 1960s.

While the fuss is about the Yin Oi Tong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall on China Street, this place should be around for some time to come.

A rattan shop.
An 'old world' furniture shop.

I'm not too sure what business this is, but there were a lot of metal around.

This looked like a place where you could get used machinery, but its name suggests that they may have been in the audio equipment business.

A customer waiting for his duplicate key to be ready at one of the many key-smiths around.

We saw this during our walk along Jalan Ipoh.

This is the place to get anything made of metal pipes and rods.

Making chick blinds. Those days, these things used hang in front of shops and were lowered during the day to keep out the rays of the sun.

Canvas bags anyone?

One of those things that I've seen only in Penang. KL bread vendors use completely covered bins on the bicycles or motorcycles.

I just liked the name of the restaurant. The world could sure use a lot of Peace & Joy.

Flowers sellers and garlands made to order.

Queuing has become the name of this restaurant next to the Masjid Kapitan Keling.

Trishaws (or rickshaws) are synonymous with Penang. If you're driving in Penang, be careful, they are the 'kings' of the road.

The sign says that this is the 'Original Jeans House'.

I am always facinated by the way the poh-piah (spring roll) skin is made. Near the Chowrasta Market along Penang Road.

A drink stall near the market.

The famous Penang Road chendol. There are actually 2 stalls operating here, both claiming to be the original.

Transporting his wares. This was near Komtar.

007 Fashion House, no worries about copyright infringement when the signboard was first put up, but subsequently the gun had to be covered up...

... 'Too high' the probable excuse why this has not been covered.

Saloons don't look like this anymore.

The famous Dawood Restaurant, now closed...

... although A Dawood operates next door.

I couldn't resist this...

... nor this.


Anonymous said...

hello..sir.i really need help from you.
can you take some pictures around
Jalan Pasar Pudu.i think there has a restaurant
called Peng Hwa..the old one has been demolished,the new one i don't think where it is.

from nasboyz30@know yahoo.com

Raziff Lokman said...

thanks for the post...very informative..there's one you mentioned .."in Jalan Ipoh"..but the shop's signboard suggests that it is in Chulia Street..they had changed the name?

Shaik Dawood said...

I meant to say that we saw a similar business along Jalan Ipoh in KL. Sorry for the confusion.