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Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking a Triangle - Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Pahang

I decided to go back to where I first started, i.e. at the Chow Kit Monorail Station.

This time, however, I took Jalan Ipoh, then turned off at Jalan Tun Razak and came back via Jalan Pahang.

A popular photocopy center.

I thought that it was a franchise as there are several outlets in and around KL, but I was told that it is owned by a Sarawakian whose family members manage the outlets and the employees are fellow Sarawakians. For your information, Sarawak is one of the states (the largest by area) of the Federation of Malaysia located on the island of Borneo.

This casket shop has been operating here since the 1960's.

Do Re Mi has been around for sometime now. They were along Jalan Raja Laut previously.

One of the pre-war shop-houses along Jalan Ipoh.

Another one, in a somewhat depilated condition.

I wanted to show the shop signage, which is probably from a time when names were translated from the English into Malay any which way the owner wanted.

Yet another shop-house.

This one has even got a fresh coat of paint.

The owners got into trouble with Mc Donald's for copyright infringement. However, they won on appeal as the court ruled that the copyright was for "Mc Donald's" and not for just "Mc". The restaurant does not sell fast food and the Mc is supposed to be short for Malaysian Chicken.

This flour mill was here during the 1960's.

Whole spices were prepared at home (washed, dried and mixed in the right proportions) and we used to send it to this mill to be ground to curry powder. Same for rice flour, wash and dry it, then send it to this mill to be ground. The charge was based on the weight of the produce - that was in katties and tahils then.

These days, its more convenient to buy them in packets.

There was no such partition then. Walk along this stretch and the aroma of spices will surely get to you.

The same machinery is still used.

Reddy Clinic by the river, still there since those days.

Canvas tarpaulins made to order here.

View from another angle.

Competitor next door. They seem to specialize in those giant umbrellas.

Weights and measures anyone?

The famous 'butterfly' shop.

It was unfortunate that they were closed on Saturday. In those days, we used to have a Butterfly kerosene stove and a Butterfly oven which was used on the stove. I would have loved to see if they still carried those items in stock.

Further along Jalan Ipoh - the Dynasty Hotel. This was the site of the Golden City Cinema.

Next, we'll continue along Jalan Tun Razak or Jalan Pekililing as it was called before - a direct translation from Circular Road.

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