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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brickfields 1

Brickfields was named for the many brick kilns that were situated here during the building boom in KL during the 1880s. (Insider's Kuala Lumpur)

I remember Brickfields as the place where there were many railway godowns.

How even that has changed.

Kuala Lumpur Sentral, which is KL's inter-city train hub and also contains the KL CAT (City Air Terminal).

Construction is still ongoing.

The 2 hotels adjoining the KL Sentral complex.

From the vast open area with railway tracks criss-crossing the area and the many low-rise godowns, the area has grown into this.

The KL Monorail's KL Sentral Station.  This is where I begin my walk.

I loved the mutton briyani that I had here.
This building, to me, is one of the landmarks of Brickfields.

Another view of the Y.

The budget hotel is named after the cinema theater that was here - Lido.

Alternate medicine practitioners are also here.

So is this hearing aids outlet.

Be warned about the traffic in this area.

You'll find a lot of this signs in this area.

Now you know why.

It appears to be quite a large complex.

If you think that this 'obstacle course for the visually handicapped' is an exception, I've seen many more similar situations around KL.

An old wooden house.  The guy probably does not stay here.

There are many of these around (as the photos below show).  People believe that as the massage is done by the visually handicapped, they are better able to feel the stressed out muscles. 



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