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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brickfields 2

The visually handicapped are not the only group that have a presence here.

 The mentally handicapped get cared for here.  Due to the nature of the handicap, the security at this building is greater than at the MAB complex.

The Methodist Girls (Primary) School is here.

The Methodist College, the private collage run by the Methodist Church is here.


The college appears to be undergoing renovations.

The KL Monorail head office is here.

There are a number of high-rise residential units here. The above is an earlier one, the ones below are newer

I have received invitations to functions at this hall, but I have never attended any of them as I didn't know where it was located.  I don't have that excuse now.


This the TNB sub-station servicing the area.

The food outlet at the Scott Sentral Condos.

Temple under construction.

That does not prevent worshipers from coming.

This temple is dedicated to Hanuman, the Monkey God.

Another temple under construction right next door.

The worshipers at this second temple have to make do with this structure for now.


Gheetha(1997) said...

Hello,everyone!!!I'm sorry cause not telling you who am I.....I want to share few this with you guys..OK??(I think that was a 'Yes' to me....)I live in Brickfields cause my parent want to expand their business you know what...I'm only 12 years old..OK, getting back...Did you ever realized that anyone stays in here isn't in a rush only willing to ear money???This is because is caused by the place you are staying and the people you talk in here...Don't say I'm fussy person.. OK??Now just think about the the place like Penang or Kuantan or some place like more peaceful.... And thimk how the people llive there...They will more trust you be friendly to you...If you think about here..Of course you can ear more money here but!!does anyone be friendly or easily trust you ??I know some you guys don't even have anytime for your love ones or family members,am I right??(Well I should be)So, I kinde hate this stupid Brickfields.... Now is up to you to decide where do you want to live Brickfiels(Living only for money) or peaceful place (Living for love ones or family members)In Brickfields look around you...see anything is green Leafs Trees anywhere??No Green Leafs Trees, No Good Air To Breath so think about it... If you wanna give me any comment to me juz email it to me (gheetha_97@hotmail.com)

Shaik Dawood said...

this reminds me of a story I heard while growing up.
A man was walking into a new town when he met one of the natives at the entrance. So the man asked the native what the people of the town were like. The native asked the man how the people in the town he was coming from were like. "They were good, honest, helpful people," the man replied. "The people in this town are the same," the native said.

A while later another man came along and the same exchange took place. This time the man said, "They were a bunch of evil, dishonest and unhelpful people." To this the native replied, "the people in this town are the same."

Question: Was the native lying the first or second time?

Answer: The native was truthful both times.

We always only see what we want to see. So if I want to see the negative side of any person or place, I'll most surely see it and if I'm looking for the positive, that'll be my reward.