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Monday, November 16, 2009

A little bit of nostalgia

In June this year, I wrote about my walk along Jalan Ipoh and coming across this outlet which I remember from the 1960s.

 I passed that outlet again today, and guess what, they were open.
I asked if they had the old Butterfly Oven and Butterfly Stove in stock, or at least a photograph of it.  They did not have photos, but they did have the oven, and they were kind enough to let me photograph it.

The 'smiley face' heat indicator - just a simple coil mechanism

They still have 3 pieces of this oven and it's priced at RM85.00 each.  So any antique lovers out there, this is your chance to get it

It was then that the guy noticed the stove.

This was not the model that I remember.  That one was square shaped with a side attachment to invert the bottle holding the kerosene fuel.  The wick was also one big circular piece, unlike this stove where individual wicks had to be inserted into each of the pole like things connecting the flame to the kerosene at the bottom.

Somehow the square oven on the round stove, didn't look quite right.  But then again, this is probably the closest I'll get to seeing this thing from my childhood.

From the look of things the company will be celebrating it's 75th anniversary next year.

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Hi, nak beli boleh, macam mana ya