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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Central Market - shophouses along Roger Street (Jalan Hang Kasturi)

The conversion of the wet market to an arts and crafts market was phase I. The Annexe was phase II.  The rest of the vicinity was to be converted to a tourist attraction under phase III, or that's what I thought.

Nothing much has happened since the Annexe except that part of Jalan Hang Kasturi has been converted into a pedestrian walk.  Many of the original businesses that were supplementary to the businesses in the wet market have moved away.  The current operators are not necessarily what can be called 'tourist attractions'.

This seems to be the only business carried over from the old days...

...selling salted fish and other processed sea products.

 This sign says 'pottery' (tembikar) - a carry-over from the old days...

 ...but see what they are selling now.

 Some of the existing buildings along the street.  I only took the photos above the shop signage (where possible).  Some could do with a little more careful maintenance.


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