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Friday, February 27, 2009

Jalan Ampang 2

Among the tallest, if not the tallest, building in KL way back then. It was known as the AIA building.

It was among the first buildings to have an automatic door and an escalator. It was such a novelty in those days.

The United States Information Services (or USIS, later changed to the Lincon Cultural Centre) one of two popular libraries was located here. The other library was the British Council.

The terraces beside the building was where an A & W outlet used to be. It was also the short-cut to St John's Institution.

The taller and larger, new AIA building next door.

The Convent Bukit Nanas still standing at it's original location.

Two other girl's schools, St Mary's and Bukit Bintang Girl's School have been relocated to make way for development. The land where St Mary's is being developed in to a residential apartments complex and is still under construction, while BBGS is where 'the Pavilion' shopping complex is. It's said that loyal BBGS students have vowed not to step into the Pavilion.

KL Tower seen from Jalan Ampang. The Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is one of the last few remaing pieces of rain forest in the heart of the city.

An old overhead bridge along Jalan Ampang.

The steel structure leads to Convent Bukit Nanas.

Many of the buildings along this stretch used to be the offices of multi-national trading companies. Many of the buildings (such as those below) are now abandoned. Vanguard's is one of the few companies still surviving here today.

Honda has opened a showroom here.

A man-made waterfall, part of DBKL's beautification program for KL.


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