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Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Road Map of Kuala Lumpur

I was checking out Wikipedia for information when I came across this link to Kuala Lumpur road map, circa 1960. I thought that it would be interesting to reproduce it here, especially as most of the street names mentioned may have been forgotten by many people. If you want to check out the source, the link is below.

Other interesting things mentioned is the 'Town Hall' which is now the Panggung Bandaraya or City Theater.

You can also see a Railway Station near Pudu Road. That was the Jalan Sultan Station which was demolished to make way for the Pudu Raya bus terminal.

There is a hotel marked east of the compass point on the map. I cannot recall the name (maybe it was the Eastern Hotel) but it was a heritage building that was in the way of development. There was a big hue and cry when the developer said that the building was to be demolished and the authorities withheld permission. But then one morning, the building was no more. I'm not so sure, but I think the developer was charged and the willingly paid the fine. What's a paltry fine, when it is in the way of millions of ringgit. The site is part of the present Capital Square.

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