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Monday, February 16, 2009

Jalan Masjid India

We'll enter Jalan Masjid India via Jalan Melayu. This area is famous for it's shopping. Hari Raya and Deepavali shopping is incomplete if you have not visited JMI.

The peddlers at the bazaar sell all kinds of accessories from hand bags, scarfs, watches, beads, ear-rings and etc. You can also find traditional medicine or jamu sold here.

The Masjid India which lends it's name to the road.

This masjid was originally build in the late nineteen century. In the early 1960's I remember praying in a tile roofed single story building. The present structure is from the mid 1960's. The red granite external cladding is a more recent addition.

I attended quran and religious classes here in the late 1960's. We were staying in Broadrick Road at that time. This is where I attended Friday congregation prayers. This is also where we celebrated both Eids (Hari Raya Puasa and Korban) and other Islamic holy days such as Israk Mihraj, 15th Shabaan, 27th Ramadhan, Maulud and etc.

Every Ramadhan I used to cycle from my house with a container to collect porridge (bubur lambuk) to break fast with. (Now days, due to the distance, a similar bubur is prepared in one of my sister's houses and all siblings and, some relatives and friends congregate there every evening of Ramadhan with our containers.)

Tarawih prayers (prayers during the nights of Ramadhan) was always lead by a Hafiz (a person who has memorized the whole of the Quran) 'imported' from India. The whole quran was completed by the 27th night and a khatam (completion) ceremony is held. This completion of the quran by the 27th is an old Indian practice to allow the Hafiz (for some reason its always a guest Hafiz not a local one) to return to his family for Eid, transport being what it was in those days.

The covered bazaar seen from the Masjid India end.

When the roofing was planned, the masjid committee objected to the masjid entrance and the view of the masjid being blocked. The authorities paid no heed but proceeded to award the contract for it's construction. After the roof structure was completed and public protest intensified, the autorities had the portion fronting the masjid dismantled.

Wisma Yakin, home to many Baju Melayu (Malay traditional suit for males) outlets.

All kinds of textiles can be got in this area.

Scarfs and related accessories are abundantly available here.

Artificial flowers and other home decorations are also available.

Malayan Mansion one of two residential flats in the area since the 1960's.

Selangor Mansion, the other flat.

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