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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JMI Shopping 2

When talking about shopping, I should also point out some of the larger establishments in the area.

If you do need assistance, there is a Royal Malaysian Police beat-base right in the centre of the area.

There's always this group of blind (or should I use the politically correct term - visually handicapped) buskers to entertain you with their crooning.

Mydin's has a large presence in the area.

Jakel's has opened an outlet here.

Jakel's is quite established in the 'textile capital' of Segamat, a small town in the southern state of Johor. It seems to be following in the footsteps of Globe Silk Store which also started in Segamat. Only time will tell if they will be just as successful as Globe was.

This poor guy must be tired being on his feet all day handing out leaflets promoting his store.

Haniffa's - a must shopping stop for those travelling or returning to the Indian sub-continent.

The original outlet next door which is being given a facelift.

Semua House - one of the earlier shopping complexes in the area.

As I mentioned earlier about festive shopping, this is a must visit for those preparing for weddings.

The kopitiam (coffee shop) fad is all over KL, even in JMI.

They now seem to be more popular than the 'imported' chains such as Starbuck's.

Citi One Plaza, a popular haunt of Mak Andams (may be loosely translated as 'wedding planners' for want of a better word).

One of the popular outlets for wedding decorations.


1 comment:

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Shaik Dawood, I chanced across your very entertaining blog when I googled 'Batu Road' looking for a picture for my next posting.
Your blog certainly brings back old memories to me when I looked thru your well taken photographs.

You're a good photographer capturing the real essence of a bustling and colorful city like KL.

I can't even remember KL today having being away 22 years. Meaning apart from some road or street names you mentioned, I simply cannot recognise KL anymore....and me a bukak KL, ha ha.

You keep well and have a nice day. Best regards, Lee.