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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lebuh Ampang

Let's visit Lebuh Ampang (Ampang Street), sometimes also known as Chetty Street to locals.

Before we reach Lebuh Ampang, we pass Lebuh Melaka (or Malacca Street). The Kelana Jaya Line (or PUTRA) Masjid Jamek station is located here.

The Bank Muamalat building.

This was the site of the Malacca Street bus terminal. This was KL's main terminal with all buses stopping here. Only the Sri Jaya buses used Foch Avenue (now Lebuh Cheng Lok). It was after the closure that the terminals moved to Pekeliling, Pudu Raya and Klang Bus Stand.

The Lee Rubber building.

The Oriental Building which now houses officers of CIMB Bank.

This is Lebuh Ampang. Now you may understand why this is also known as Chetty Street.

Although most people use Chetty and money lender inter-changeably, this is far from the truth. The Chettys are an Indian community and as with the other Indian communities, it's members can be found in almost all occupations, as doctors, lawyers, government servants, office workers and the rest.

There are many Indian restaurants along Lebuh Ampang. Here you have Lakshmi Vilas, one of the original restaurants in the area, side-by-side with a relative new-comer, Bakti Woodlands.

PA Wahab is now the only grocer from the old days still operating along this street. Sundram Dispensary has been here since the 1960's although I'm not sure if Dr. Sundram is still practicing medicine.

Jewelers who are established along this street.

Batu Pahat has two outlets here.

Pigeons feeding. It is customary of the shopkeepers to throw grain along the sidewalk to feed these birds.



sumaiyah said...

very nice pictures and well elaborated....hi im sumaiyah, a masters student in UTM-urban design course, currently im doing a urban assignments about jalan lebuh ampang, actually designing an urban design brief for a street and i choose this street..do you know any regarding the history of this road.my assignment is to uncover the present policies, if DBKL have regarding how to develop this street but still maintaining its uniqueness.thank you

Shaik Dawood said...

well, i'm no historian, but can only share with u what it looked like when i was young.

Warisan Perba said...

Mr Shaik Dawood - very impressive photos and brief description of the KL historic buildings. By the way i need yr favour to get deeper historical facts about the Noddukottai Chrettier - Leboh Ampang for brief heritage trail. Need your contact hp no. - from mr Ameer (warisanperba) - tq

Warisan Perba said...

Mr Shaik Dawood - very historic and impressive photos - i need your favour to explain briefly about the NODUKKOTTAI CHETTER - Leboh Ampang - the origin and their early settlements in Kuala Lumpur esepecially at Chetty Street (Leboh Ampang) - thank you - from Mr Ameer (warisanperba).