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Friday, February 20, 2009

Pasar Malam at JMI

Saturday is Pasar Malam (Night Market) day at JMI. Actually the market starts at 2.00 p.m. and is located along Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Previously the stretch of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman starting from Sogo till it's junction with Jalan Melayu used to be closed to traffic to house this Pasar Malam. It has however been moved to this back lane, but that does not mean that traffic condition has improved any. If you are planning to visit, I would advise taking the LRT or KTM trains. If taking the Ampang, Seri Petaling or Kelana Jaya lines, stop at Masjid Jamek station. If KTM Komuter, stop at the Bank Negara halt and if the KL Monorail, stop at the Medan Tuanku station.

It's just after 2.00 and the people are already coming in.

The stalls are also only just getting set up.

All kinds of things can be found at the Pasar Malam. Clothes, accessories, shoes, anything and everything.... but most importantly for me... FOOD.

Even the Elections Commission sets up a voter registration/verification booth here.

Freshly fried fish and prawn crackers (keropok).

A Nasi Campur (or mixed rice) stall with a large selection of dishes.

And drinks to wash down your food or just to cool down.

Fried stuff. Healthy? Maybe not... but tasty.

Some stalls even provide seating for their customers.

Crisps and tidbits.

Jackfruit... delicious. Too much is said to cause 'wind' resulting in joint aches. As an antidote, it is recommended to eat jackfruit with slices of ginger.

Soursop. I used to enjoy the fruit when there used to be a tree behind my house. I have not been so lucky with store bought ones.

Sata - a fish based delicacy from the East Coast.

Rojak buah, a sort of fruit salad.

Being a KL boy, I asked a friend to get me rojak when I was in Penang and this is what I got. What we call rojak here is called pasembor in Penang.

Kebab - barbequed meat cuts in a bun.

Nasi kerabu, a sort of rice salad from the Eastern state of Kelantan.

The blue colour of the rice is obtained by boiling a local flower with the water before cooking the rice. Nowdays, many vendors resort to adding food colouring.

Preserved/pickled fruits or jerok buah.


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