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Saturday, February 21, 2009

JMI - Food outlets

Since eating is one of my favorite pastimes, I want to show you some of the food outlets in Little India.

Just across from Semua House and Citi One Plaza, there are these restaurants. Selara MY belongs to the same owner as the one in Medan Tuanku. Vasantha Bhavan boasts of Chettynad cooking. Previously there also was a restaurant here, run by members of the Hari Krishna movement, serving what they called 'karma-free' food.

Yaseen's is a popular 'Mamak' restaurant along Jalan Bunus.

There are a few food courts around the area mainly catering to Malay, Indonesian and Thai cooking. As the stalls operate at differing times, food is available almost 24 hours.

This is supposed to be a popular restaurant in Chennai, South India.

This stall in Selangor Mansion, facing the Klang River, is one of my favorites. They serve a wide range of curries. Duck and venison curry is said to be available here on Fridays for lunch.

Another popular restaurant in Selangor Mansion.

There are a number of restaurants on the 1st and 2nd floors of both Selangor and Malayan Mansions. Most do not have a signage like this one on Malayan Mansion. The menu is limited and they cater almost exclusively to their regular clients.

Another popular stall, this one at Malayan Mansion.

A restaurant along Jalan Melayu. The other restaurant along this road is Jai Hind.

Another restaurant from Chennai which has opened in the area.


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